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Rhythm Beads?

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I have been hearing more and more about these rhythm beads, and I know what they are, but I really want to know if they some what do work. Im retraining my OTTB and so I was wondering if anyone who has them or use them could tell me their feelings on the rhythm beads. Thanks :D
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I had never even heard of rhythm beads, so I went and asked Google what they where. :lol:

They look pretty cool, in a dress-up-your-horsie sort of way. I think I might make me a set if I still have some pony beads laying around somewhere. Might need to fine some bells too!

I don't know if they "work," as in calm the horse or anything, but hey, they are really pretty, so even if that's all they do, it would be fine with me.

I like to dress my horses up in fancy headstalls and breastcollars anyway (I LOVE dots/spots) so it would be just like me to take the horse jewelry a step further!

So I don't know if they do anything, but thanks for bringing my attention to them! :mrgreen:
haha thanks I supposed they are also pretty.
I used them whenever I first started beginning to do some serious riding when I was seven or so, and not only were they "cute" on my horse, but they really did help me develop a good rhythm with my horse and helped me find my balance on him. Of course, I have moved on to different horses and can now find my rhythm myself.

They work, though, and I suppose they do well despooking as well.
**** you already know I say they work. Plus they're pretty ^__^
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