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Ricky's First Show :)

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So on Friday night, we took Ricky down to the showground, and I attempted to plait him up. Normally I sew in plaits, but he kept being an idiot and moving so they are the most retarded plaits I think I've ever seen. I couldn't even braid his forelock, so I just went with the standard 'oh he's a baby, thats why they're retarded' excuse. Excuse my stupid looks and red face. I was sunburnt and I didn't get to sleep til 4:30am and then got up and 6am. My hair was even done properly.
He kept whinnying. I've never heard him whinny so much. He was just way too cute.
Its a bad photo of me but an okay one of Ricky. As you can tell I was running late so I didn't even chalk up his markings. I just baby oil on his nose etc.
There were only 4 quarter horses there :) The judge said Ricky will have an amazing trot when he's older.
He looks kinda tall in this photo compared to that fully grown QH.
Sporting his second place ribbon. I know its a stunning photo of him :D
See his retarded forelock :)
Out in the ring :)
Love this photo. :)
Super zoomed up, but at least you can see how tall he is now.
It was super hot, so I was trying to stay in the shade.

I'm still waiting for the professional photographer to upload pics, but if you wanna see the whole album, its on FB.
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Oooh how fun! He looks so sharp :) Congrats!
AWESOME pics!! nice ribbon you two got there!! I don't think his braids look bad! then again you are hiding them in all the pics! LOL. Congrates!
They were awful :( They were sticking up, half were flat, half were little knobs. He kept moving his head, so I just gave up on trying to fix them.
Congrats on your placing! how exciting! I love the way your ribbons look! you never see that here unless you go to breed only shows. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like you guys had fun.
All our ribbons are like that. Some are felt, some are satin. I've only ever gotten 2 rosettes. I love them way more than our sash ribbons. Its a shame Australia doesn't do them that often at shows.
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