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I have had all 3 styles at different times in my life.

Jodphurs boots, the ones with just side elastic....
They were comfortable and very supportive when new.
Once I wore them those elastics stretched and not as supportive nor great fitting.
They were Marlboro brand {I am not sure of that spelling} boots.

My paddock boots with a front zipper and elastic the time you would only see "professionals" wearing these.
I bought these only because on sale and clearance priced or would never have had them.
I loved them...
They were so comfortable and easy to slip in, zip and go...
However, when new I needed a hoof pick to slide the zipper either direction.
I never had a problem with zipper breaking.
After I had the boots for about 2 years of daily use, those elastics were not as tight and supporting of my ankle as once were. :icon_frown:

My lace-up paddock boots...
By far and will only be the kind of boots I will ever buy again.
I like being able to loosen or tighten as needed to give maximum support for sore ankles.
I twisted my ankle badly not long ago and need the support only a lace-up boot for riding provides now to damaged ligaments and tendons.

All my boots are leather uppers.
I prefer a slightly ribbed or tread sole and they must be a sewn on foot-bed not glued {junk}.
I have had shiny brown finished leather to distressed cordovan colored leather, never had black.

Just some of what I have experienced...but you do get what you pay for.
Quality boots cost $$, even in paddocks.
Do try on several brands because again fit is everything.
If the boot is not instantly comfortable like a old shoe and slipper...keep looking or have sore feet.
jmo... :)
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