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Riding boots that can also be used in the mud?

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Hi all,

I’m looking for recommendations for riding boots that can be easily cleaned of dirt and mud. Ideally mid-calf to knee length. I will be using them for both barn chores and riding so they will be getting dirty. I ride Western but don’t really care whether the boots are made for English or western riding.
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I have Dublin River boots in black that I really like. I wanted waterproof, good for mud, easy to pull on and off, good for riding, comfortable to walk in, and wide enough to tuck my jeans in.

I was willing to have western also but could not find any high enough that were also black, and had a walking tread. The only thing I dislike about them is if I get really sweaty they take a minute to pull off. But I hadn't expected to wear them in summer, and I wear them every time I go to the barn.

They end several inches below my knee. I tuck in the laces because I don't care for them, and then they don't bother me. I walk a lot in them around the barn and fields, even jog around and they've never rubbed. I clean manure and go through mud, and just spray them off if they get too mucky. The leather is supple and I put conditioner on once in a while. They work well for riding too.
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