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Riding boots that can also be used in the mud?

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Hi all,

I’m looking for recommendations for riding boots that can be easily cleaned of dirt and mud. Ideally mid-calf to knee length. I will be using them for both barn chores and riding so they will be getting dirty. I ride Western but don’t really care whether the boots are made for English or western riding.
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I treat my 16" and 18" top western boots with Bear Grease (it's a brand) and/or Mink Oil and/or Skidmore's Leather Creme. Last place I kept my horses and worked, I had to walk through a creek at least twice a day.

I'm able to spray them off at night.

They are so waterproof, I left a pair out one night, the irrigation sprinkler passed by, filled them both, and by morning the outsides were dry and they were still full of water!
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