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RIP Einstein/Cody Chrome

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It has been over a year since I released you from a life that had become too hard, and hope you are once again running free in those proverbial greener pastures.
I have loved several horses , but you will always remain the one with that little special spot, above all others in my heart

Cody Chrome, ApHCC supreme Member of the Breed, AHAA year end hi point jr performance horse, all three years as a jr horse, Alberta Horse improvement 'Classic' in performance, too many other awards to mention, faithful companion on many rides in the mountains, my strong supporter, helping me through a year of breast cancer, and who my two sons referred to, in jest, as my third and favorite son-

The poem I wrote, when I knew that day would come in the near future:

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Beautiful poem. The last line really hits home hard.

I remember some of these pictures of your horse from another forum, that we both frequented, what feels like so many years ago.

Although I'm a bit behind, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
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