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RIP **** Francis

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My all time favourite author. I have read his books, all mysteries with a horseracing background, a gazillion times each. I feel like I've lost a friend.

You will be sorely missed sir. Rest in Peace.
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Oh how sad, i hadn't heard.

He is one of the few mystery writers I've read - I usually don't read mysteries, but picked up one of his over ten years ago when I was working at a book store and I was hooked.
Oh, I did not know he had passed on. That is sad.
OMG what ?!?!?!
i just finished his latest book !

omg this is terrible !
I know! :cry:

I guess I was expecting it somewhat soon, he was 89 after all.

I suspect his son Felix will continue writing books following the same base subject of horseracing. He co-wrote the last 3 with his dad and there's another scheduled to come out later this year. I like them...but can see a distinct difference in how he writes his characters vs. his dad's characterisations.

Because I've read them all more than once, I feel like I 'know' his characters pretty well and can tell the difference in personality. Geeky yeah I know. But they were such an enjoyment!
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