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RIP Sloane

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Many of you know the struggles Sloane and I have had over the years. Despite all of our efforts, and much good advice from all of you, he is unable to gain weight. I cannot subject him to an upstate New York winter in his condition so I am letting him go. He is still happy and it is a beautiful day. May he once again run free and healthy eating all the peppermints he wants.
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My heart goes out to you @seniorider and deepest condolences about Sloane.
He absolutely is running in heaven, eating peppermints. I also believe that he’ll meet you at the Bridge one day.

Sloane loved you and knows how much you loved him. He had an incredible life with you. Even though you did the right thing by him, I know it still hurts terribly. In time when you think of him you’ll shed less tears, and instead smile at all the wonderful memories.🐎💓
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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