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~ River City Round-Up ~

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Here is a disscussion forum about the River City Round-Up . I made this to see if anyone is going to the River City Round-Up this upcoming September .
River City Round-Up is a fun event that people from all over the U.S. come too ! You go on trail rides and camp with your horse in between towns . There is even compititions during it too ! You can win all kinds of stuff like tack , money , ribbons , and other awards ! There is also places to board your horses at some of the towns you go to ! Some towns have nice , well maintained stalls to board your horse in during the night so the next morning you can wake up and start riding to a different town ! The rides are 10 - 14 miles each . So it's a long day of riding , make sure your horse is in shape for traveling long distances !
I would love to hear if anyone is going to the River City Round-Up ! I like to meet new horse people !

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