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Rowan conformation, what do you think?

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After his amazing bodywork session, Rowan has started standing square (sometimes). I got this picture of him yesterday and thought it might be a good one to use to ask what people see in his conformation. It's important to note that he's standing a little downhill -- he's not built downhill. His butt and withers are about the same height. He's 15'2hh or a tad less. He still has a little filling out to do, but I think it's possible to get an idea now of how he's basically built.

I'm also wondering what jumps out at people, looking at him, as a discipline he might be built for. Right now, I'm thinking he would be good on trails, because he's so curious and calm. I mentioned that to the trainer and she said maybe also trail classes. And then I thought working equitation.

This same trainer thought he wouldn't go far with jumping or dressage, even if he was good at them, because judges would be prejudiced against him because he doesn't fit the typical "look" in those sports.

Obviously, I'm going to try to figure out what he might like to do, I'm just wondering if, conformationally, there are any red flags that would prevent him from doing anything in particular. Or if he really seems like he's built for something in particular.


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I like him a lot. He may have a bit of a long back, but to me he looks like he would do well at most disciplines. Maybe not speed with fast turning, but most anything else.

I am not sure if you are talking about competition, but along with conformation there is the horse's attitude or "try". I was told that my mare wouldn't really be a jumper, she didn't have the conformation for it. A trainer helping me with the canter discovered last winter that that my mare will jump "all day" and has much more scope than her conformation would suggest. She absolutely loves jumping! I may get a chance next summer to have her shown with another rider at something over the usual 18" I jump just to see how she does in competition.

So if you have a discipline in mind that Rowen may not look like he is built for, it may be that he loves it and his attitude will make up for the conformation.

Again, he is a very nice looking horse and I would ride him as a Hunter if it were me.:)
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