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Saddle seat size conversions??

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Silly question but I've always ridden English so... here goes.

If I ride with a 17" English seat size, what size is that in Australian and Western saddles???

Thanks in advance!!!
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In a western that's about a 15 and I don't know about australian sorry
Thank you!
Yup 15" western, don't know the Aussie either, sorry.
I'm pretty sure it's about a 17 in Aussie saddles (at least, I'm a 15 for Western and my Aussie is an 17...)

This link could be helpful, scroll all the way down to just before the very bottom:

Wither tracing and fitment instructions for Aussie Saddles
Perfect, you guys are awesome thank you so much for looking that up for me! I really appreciate it :)
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