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Sage Grulla Filly

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This is Sage my quarter horse filly. I took these pictures last weekend with my new camera. She had been sick with a cough and snotty nose. I turned her out for a little bit. She is on SMZ's until Thursday and I can't wait. I don't like having to drive back and forth twice a day. Although as long as she's getting better I won't complain too much. She will be fresh come this weekend when I go to ride her. lol

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Sage is beautiful. I love how she moves. She sure has a gorgeous trot. I think she would be amazing as a cow horse... I love the idea of bringing young horses to schooling shows to get the out and about and exposed to different environments...

I love her colour... I want her ;) lol
All I have to say is....if she ends up missing I didn't do
I love the 7th pic in your first set!
The light on her eye was just perrrrfffeccttt.
I love the Grulla's too.
We have a prison inmate program in my town for wild mustangs and every now and then I look at the up coming auction horses....I drool over the Grulla's

You got a special lil horse there. What a looker and a mover...or hah a mover and a
im so jelaous ! i want a grulla ! shes goooooorgeous
OK coming 3 year old that sounds ok...had me worried for a second! LOL I was also going to mention that she's the thickest 2 year old I've ever seen...

Sounds like you have a good solid plan for her, and based on her being ready, not where you want to be. I tip my hat to you. Too many people want their cow and reining horses competing in shows by age 2 and I just don't see the need for it when you can wait another year or two and ensure the horse is still sound at age 6. I'd love to see some riding pictures/videos from next weekend when you ride! LOL you said she'd have some spunk! :D
Oh wow she is beautiful!! :D I love grullas!
She is too cute! How tall is she? in the pictures she looks pretty little.. Oh and I would LOVE to see pics or videos of you riding her also!!
She is so pretty! I am also partial to grullas :). What camera are you using? you mentioned you got a new one.
lol I'm not too worried bout her really this weekend. She has never offered to buck or anything of that matter. I don't have any recent pictures of me riding her. No-one to take pictures for me...and I can't seem to keep my brother focused when I get him to take pictures. lol Although with my new camera I want to try and ride in the cutting arena because there is a camera/video recording booth there. I want to try and set my camera on the tripod to get a decent focus then just ride after starting it. lol That could be iffy but I'd like to try it. My new camera is a Canon 7D. It is my new baby. These pictures were my first try out with it in the indoor. There is a ranch horse or cutting show this weekend. I'll be there to take pictures.

I do have a short video of her from last week in the arena the same day I took the pictures. I was playing with the camera and she was running around...and coughing. She did a flying lead change even. She is very well balanced. lol I'll see if I can get it online.

I refuse to push her and ruin her. She is too nice of a horse to do that to. My trainer; Kenny, loves her to pieces...he calls her "Stinkweed" meaning Sage. lol It's funny to listen to him talk to's almost like it's his kid.

She is about 14.3 right now. She is butt high at the moment and I would guess she'll end up at about 15.0-15.1. Plus when I did the tape test it said 15.0 which is perfect for me. Her sire is 15.3 and her dam is 15.2. Right now tape weight is 980 pounds. She has nice thick knees and cannon bones. She is teething right now too.
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Ok I found some pictures and photobucket uploaded the video. So I'll post it as well. You'll be able to see her flying lead change and then get to hear her cough. lol

This was my first ride on her. In these pictures we were working on rolling her back. Just acouple of them to help her understand when asked to turn into the fence and then reins given to her to follow through with speed. She learned quickly. lol (Kenny was helping give her a little insentive. lol) These were the only pictures in focus. My brother was too busy taking pictures of the tractor and mountains...go figure.

Sitting back and getting ready to turn her

This was the next weekend that I rode her.

Right before her roll back

Finished for the day

Her video
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