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Saturday's Auction

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I have been planning to go to an auction for a few months to get some tack. Well I got a new carrot stick, a saddle rack, a hackamore, a foal halter (I don't know why lol), two lead ropes, a riding whip, a breast collar, a couple brushes, a nice (used) 16in western saddle, 2 bridles, girth, pad, and some nice reins, all for under $200.

Well the horses started at 1:00. I thought I'd stay to see how much the horses go for. The first horse was a bay QH mare, totally broke to ride, big stocky, reining lines sold for $900. Second was an Arabian Stallion, not broke, about 3 went for $75. He was actually dumped at the auction house that night along with an Arabian mare (who was sold for $100). The third was an 18h Belgain mare, broke to ride and drive, shown, nice long mane, beautiful horse, went for $250. I was thinking about it but I know that I can't afford to feed a draft horse, so I passed. The next was a beautiful buckskin mare, reining trained, awesome horse $900. Then came a sorrel stallion, no white on him at all, nice brand on his hind, registered, reiner, he got the most $1500. The rest went from $100 to $800. There was a little bay mare that was lame as can be and she brought $25. I felt bad for her.

I eyed three horses when I got there but I only had so much money with me. The first one I eyed was the buckskin mare, she went for more than what I had. The second one I eyed came in and wasn't put his weight right on his right leg, so I passed on him. Then the third came in. He's an unregistered tank of a horse. Palomino, about 10, broke as broke can be. I had $600 with me just in case I found something I liked. I got him for EXACTLY $600. Couldn't be happier!

I don't have any pictures of him right now but I'm going to go get some. He needs his hooves done so I'll probably wait until then. His name was Starburst (bleh). Usually if I rename a horse I like to name them something similiar, but yea. I'm about 80% sure his new name is Dallas.

Anyway, after he went through there were a couple Missouri Fox Trotters that went for $200 a piece. A single foot gaited mule that brought $300. A really big Walker mare that sold for $450. Nobody sold to slaughter except that lame mare. The person I went with pointed out the meat buyers. The last horse to go through was a bomb proof little paint pony mare. She had been in parades, had a 4 year old riding on her. She was sold for $80! I couldn't believe it! If I had brought the extra cash I would have snatched her up.

It was a pretty good day. Except for the fact that my head rattled for hours after the auction was over. I had exactly $3 left of my birthday money when I came home, lol.
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I got a new horse ....
You simply MUST post a photo of you two. Cograts on the save. I hope it all works out for you.
LOL I will as soon as I get them : )
I love auctions, you get some good deals there.
Here, we get alot of good horses going through, and they all go to good homes for cow horses or trail horses. but, theres always the meat buyer. This one horse was beautiful and could only be sold for meat and this one girl loved him so she called the owner and asked why, it was because he was proud cut. So she bought the horse off the meat buyer who couldn't be more then happy to see the horse go to a good home. =]

Would love to see pictures of your horse. Sounds like a good deal on all the tack and everything.
Oh man! I totally saw this earlier and was gonna comment then I closed the window and I didn't know where to find it again!

Congratulations! He sounds great! I cannot wait for pictures. Dallas sounds like a great name. It'll be funny if that's what you name him because it'll be like iridehorses's palomino, Hollywood....only not. Now we just need a palomino named after some east coast city.... :lol:
It was either Dallas or Oliver. I think Dallas fits him better. You know, everything is bigger in Texas and this guy is WIDE!
That sounds like a great day! Congrats on your find!! You ought to post pictures of your new tack along with Dallas.

I really want to go to an auction someday.
Can't wait for pics!!!

We were going to go to the auction, had we not found Pickles. Some nice horses go through there.
That's great, I can't wait to see the pics! And I definately vote Dallas! When I was a kid my half sister had a palomino barbie horse named..You guessed it Dallas! I loved that horse and she gave it to me one day for cleaning her room. I said one day I'd have a real palomino horse and name him Dallas! I never did, although palominos were my first 'color' love! (I did have my palomino, one mare and one gelding, but neither were named Dallas)

But I did get my Dallas! I named my first Nigerian Dwarf buck Dallas! Gorgeous gold and white blue eyed boy! Sadly I lost him about 4 months ago, 5 days ago his very last kids where born (3 bucks) of course I 'had' to keep one and am still trying to come up w/ the perfect name, for him and his brothers, I want something that in some way goes along w/ Dallas, so far the only thing I've come up w/ is Maverick (Dallas Mavericks), my family seems to like it to, but seem to think it fits one of the other boys more then 'mine', so still thinking.

Sorry for the novel, I just think it's awsome that you got my childhood dream horse!
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: ) I'm going to get pictures in about 15 minutes. The farrier won't be out until Thursday so you guys will have to ignore his hooves.
how about Nashville, havris?
Also, I vote for Dallas! COngrats on your new guy! Is he broke or anything?
Woohoo, Congrats on the new addition. I can't wait for pix, he sounds like a darling and I absolutely adore those huge tank-y horses. :D
Thanks thunderhooves, I like that! I thought at first I'm not sure I could call him Nashville, but Nash would be really easy!
Excited to see pictures of your new kids :wink: hope you post some soon :D
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