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Im pretty excited !
My Project mare twister is coming, we will only have $100 deposit on her currently, but we are working on the other payment's. Since my dad just got fired/quit.
She is a 5 yr old QH/Draft Red Roan /w blonde mane and tail
Pretty darn excited ! She will be put seperate from Indigo and my dad's horse's for quarantine for awhile, but overall she is my 2nd horse of my own :) more a christmas present lol but overall :)
Im not sure if after i train her and have her for a year etc, and get more experiance under her, if i plan to sell or keep her. But i think ill keep her for awhile or so, just to make her not 'green'
I plan on having her as a trail/ barrel horse, even though i am a more english rider LOL
she is 15.2 HH :)

Ill let you know how it goes tomorrow, With new photos !
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