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Shetland Pinto Pony standing @ stud

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IMA Sensational Storm wil be standing this year to out side mares. He will have a foal on the ground in Augaust. He is being shown in Halter and confromation class in local Shows. He is very easy to handale he loves people and he hasa very nice gate.

Breed:Shetalnd pinto pony

Registry:International Spotted Horse


color:Chestnut Tobiano

Markings: balze, white chin, 4 stockings, and a flame that is over the left side


Contact: Amanda @ [email protected]


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Has your shetland pony stud been proven to thrown colored foals?
if not then how can you say he`ll throw color.
if your AQHA colt has any Three Bars breeding third generations and back then he cannot be registered foundation breeding.
I hate to be rude. So he is registered in a registry who excepted him on color,size alone. shetland as he is to big for a miniature.I don`t have a mare for a sale.So am not sure what your talking about. As far as being gentle. all studs have there days. How can he have a foal on the ground, when you said, this coming year 2007 will be his first the mare bred for sure? How do you know for sure? Did you have her vet checked in foal?
Also how does he have ribbons in halter, when you can`t show a stud at your age in any 4-H or other wise shows in Ny. where do you give riding lessons on him? when do you give these lessons? Our you a certified instructor to give riding lessons? He isn`t even broke to ride.
Before you think of standing any studs for service. I would recommand putting time into training them.The colored Pinto pony should be trained for at least driving as your to big to be riding him.unless you have a younger sister or brother who is lighter in weight to help train much weight on his young back could cause damage to the spine and nerves.which will cause a sway back in later could also cause damage to his legs/knees as they are not completely sealed at this young of age. they don`t completely seal until around five years of age. So take your time and do all your ground training frist.before asking bigger things of your young pony. your QH colt will not be mature enough to be breeding 2008. besides he will be only coming two. so you should be putting time into ground training him. at two he is not going to be a seasoned riding or show horse,let alone a proven stud. give him time to mature and learn the basics before asking him to become a father, when he is still only a youngster himself. Let him be a youngster before asking him to be an adult. all the ground work you do now will pay off later in the future.always rememeber a gentle hand and a kind voice goes a long ways when training.
take your time don`t be in a hurry.
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