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Since Rifle (the filly) is registered in AQHA I would like to do halter showing too...
Unless things have changed in the halter world, there is NO WAY I would mess up my weanlings by getting them ready for halter. Bigger is NOT always better.
Let your weanling grow as nature intends, not forcing a yearling to be around 15 hands. 17 hands and 1800 pds is not what I would want in the slightest as a mature horse.
I've probably already offended some with my answer, but the main use for aged halter geldings is the can. I used to know some folks that raised halter horses. I asked about a mare when I was at their place, I honestly figured she was in her late 20's to early 30's. The mare was 12. I was shocked. They are literally burnt up from all the grain.

Keep your eye on later performance. Skip the halter stuff.
You'll be happier and so will your filly.
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