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Should I get Half Chaps?

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I want to start off by apologizing if my english isn't the best, its not my main language.
So I use some ariat paddock boots to ride, and while I've never felt the pinching I've heard some people talk about, my breeches are pretty fuzzy on the lower leg area, like when fabric gets scratched with something sharp and it has like some fuzz from it? Anyways, I was thinking on getting some of the more expensive breeches but I'm not sure if the same thing will end up happening to them. Also, I only do walk, trot and canter still so is it okay if I get them or do I really not need them yet?
If so, may I also ask how do you figure out chap sizes? There are no tack shops were I live so I always have to order online and really need to make sure I get something thats a correct size for me.
Thanks! Any replies are appreciated, have a nice day/night:)
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Good providers of half chaps will have sizing charts. As you have Ariat boots I would call and see what style goes with that boot as they have chaps for sale to go with their paddock boots. Not all styles fit all boots. They can also help with the sizing.

That said many of the online sources sell different brands and should also have sizing charts when you look up the style you are interested in. If there is no chart then google the brand and see if their website has one. If not, don't bother with that one would be my advice.

Half chaps save wear and tear both ways. I've seen the velcro on breeches at the ankle gouge leather, pinching can happen or as you have seen pilling. Once you have decided that riding is for you if you are riding in paddock boots then I would say a pair of chaps is in order whether you are W, WT or WTC. It's nice to have that layer of protection.

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I would definitely get half chaps. I had to go without half chaps for one practice ride (30-45 minutes) and got an extremely horrible rub from the stirrup leathers. It took at least two weeks to a month to clear up. It hurt like you wouldn't believe it. So yes I would get half chaps.

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Ugh, I had all the hairs on the inside of my leg ripped out. Definitely worth getting half chaps. Doesn’t need to be expensive
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