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Should I part board a horse yet?

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Hi! So... as you can tell from the title, I am wondering if I am ready to part board a horse yet.

I have been taking lessons for a few years, and I can walk, trot, and canter. I have also learned how to back up, do two point trot, catch a horse from the field, brush it, tack it up, and untack it. I have not yet done any jumps, and I have never ridden western (I ride english). The stable I go to has a great lesson and part boarding program, so I am not worried about that.

However, even though I can do the basics, I don't know how/what to feed a horse, clip or trim a horses mane and tail, and I also don't know a lot about farriers and vets and stuff.

Also, I am okay with waiting a few months until I am more experienced. This is probably what I plan on doing.

Any thoughts/tips?
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Part-leasing? I'd say it depends on what the lease provides because every owner has different ideas of what a leasee can and cannot do.

Where I am, Part-leases normally don't include taking the responsibility of feeding (boarding staff do) or farrier/vet (owner), although it does depend. Typically, part leases are great for the inexperienced because you only carry parts of the responsibility and often have someone to ask questions too and supervise. You basically pay for 2-3 days of riding and would be asked to do your part in grooming and any other responsibilities on your time there. At least, you should be able to ride independently. It would be valuable to ask if you can sit in on vet/farrier appts to learn.
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