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shoulder in/out--need extra input

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I am currently working on teaching my rescued tb mare the basics of dressage. I am trying to find some tips of advice for shoulder in and out because she is doing the following:

If I am moving her towards the fence line she doesnt want to keep her hind pointing in towards the arena. I know it shouldnt be directly in.. more of a slant. She gets the basic with her shoulders but I am trying to move her hind in the right place. I have even tried tapping her with the dressage wip.. not working.

how have you tought your horse... i'm used to being on horses that already know how to do things and i can teach some things and others i dont know how to always trouble shoot. thank you for any advice
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If you are asking the quarters to move into the arena, you are doing travers.
Shoulder in is nothing to do with the hindquarters as such. They remain travelling straight, it is the shoulders that move across to the inside, not the hind quarters moving to the outside.

Travers is a more advanced movement that should be taught following shoulder in. It sounds like you are confused between the two. Do you have an instructor that can show you the difference?
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