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OBO on prices. None of these prices include shipping.
I am selling all of this to get money for new show items for this show season.

-Sho-n-off Origianl
4 way strech material
Used for 1 show season
Freshly dry cleaned and ready to go
Detachable cuffs

Bust= 36"
Sleeve Length= 27"
Waist= 36"
Length Of Shirt= 23"


-Size 3/4
I wore it 3 times, two different homecomings and a wedding. I got lots of compliments but I just don't need it anymore. There is absoultly nothing wrong with the dress, in like new condition.

I am selling it for $100, bought it for more than that.

-English Jacket
Youth 10
Buttons have horses on them

-Black Showmanship Shirt
Hobby Horse
Adult Small

-Green Leather Vest
Hobby Horse
Adult Small

-Psycheldelic Shirt
No Brand
Adult M
Added rhinestones

-Black Suede Chaps
Barn Stable (Brand)
Drop= 6in
Waist= 28-33in
Inseam= 30 1/2in
No missing fringe
A little wear on inside
Nice heavy duty chaps

-Black Showmanship Pants
Silver Mesa (Brand)
Waist= 26in
Inseam= unhemmed 34in

-Tan Ultra Suede Chaps
No Brand
Waist= 32-38in
Drop= 5in
Inseam= 31in
No missing fringe
NEVER worn
Slight blemish on inside (Can't see when riding)
Has silver concho's for buckles
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