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I'm waiting for the sun to come up so I can get to work washing my horse for the show today. It's my local fair, but because we're in a really horsey area, they have lots of classes for horses, and there are people who come quite a distance to participate. Quite often some pretty darn good competition too!

I did his legs last night after work but it was too cold, and getting colder, to do his body, so I thought I would at least scrub his legs and get his socks properly white. Also trimmed him up from a scruff with a beard, whiskers, feather and fluffy ears to something resembling a halfway tidy horse... but had to do it with scissors so it's not the best job in the world.

I didn't sleep, even though I tried to, and 'woke up' really early to get myself sorted because I'm not normally a very organised person. Now that everything's done except actually getting into my show clothes [yes I have done my hair and everything!] I have nothing to do so I'm dwelling on all the what-if's and possibilities. Sooooooooo nervous. He can be a bit funny in the ring because I get so tense, but I get tense because I'm worried he'll play up... self-fulfilling prophecy! I honestly will be pleased if we get ONE canter that's not totally out of control actually IN the show pen.

This would have to be the first time I have gone to a show, EVER, and not jumped... bar one show when I was like 7 but I wasn't ready to jump back then so I didn't know how much I loved it. Last time I did any flat on him at a show at all it was a battle to get a controlled canter, so I'm aiming to improve, and I would honestly be shocked if he did get out of control considering he's in a short shank pelham at the moment - with double reins, don't worry, I'm using it as its designer intended - so today will be a success.

I'm just visualizing the best possible outcome right now. Champion hack, champion rider, ribbons under his [hopefully if she is coming] showjumping jockey, and District Hack would be nice too... not dreaming, much [/sarcasm] considering he's more of a hunter than a hack, but who knows, we might do ok.

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Good luck to you!

1. Have fun! Lots of fun!

2. Dont give your self or you boy big expectations, just go out there and smile and dont get to nerovous! He will take good care of you Im sure!

3. TAKE TONS OF PICTURES! Get some video of your classes if you can!

4. Dont forget to eat, I always do and feel crappy at the end of the day!

Did I mention have fun!?!

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lol, big expectations? not us! I'm honestly happy when I get out of the ring in one piece. Not a very confident rider :p funny because I'm actually quite a capable rider and can stay on pretty much anything he'll throw at me... he doesn't do much, occasionally some pretty big shies and he's bucked a few times but otherwise the worst he does is get a little too forward which hopefully the pelham will ahhh, 'curb' if you will pardon the pun.

My dad and stepmum will be there with their cameras, and I am bringing mine [which takes HD video] so will ask them if they can get some footage. If [HUGE if] we qualify for the championship class I'll definitely get them to film that.

Monty will do ok I think, he's definitely not lacking a nice front end, but he's very solid so if there are any finer prettier horses there they'll pin higher because fine and pretty is the type they look for in a show hack. We have a good shot at hunter though!

Our classes are:

Rider age 18-25
Show hack 15h-15.2
Show hunter 15h-15.2
Pleasure hack 15h-15.2
District hack

and IF we qualify, champion hack and champion rider, but that's a pretty big if from where I'm sitting. There will be some stiff competition.

This is all unofficial of course.

And if his showjumping jockey does turn up, she'll have him in a couple of jumping classes. He's reasonably fit and half Arab, so he can go all day no problem.

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I did end up jumping - talked to the ladies in the ring office and they decided that my competitor membership at a pony club 1/2 hour away [same zone] is enough and I didn't have to produce proof of membership which I don't have.

So our results:
missed our rider class as we were running late and weren't ready when it was called
2nd Show Hack 15-15.2hh
2nd Pleasure Hack 15-15.2hh
not called in for Show Hunter
not called in for District Hack
didn't place 60cm SJ [one refusal, which was my fault]
eliminated 75cm SJ [course error in the jumpoff - again my fault]

We were both stuffed by the end of the day, and he behaved beautifully until he got tired and started bucking in his canter transitions.

I now have a full contingent of every colour ribbon typically awarded, 1st through 4th, and I'm beyond stoked with the results, though a little frustrated with myself for stuffing up both my SJ rounds... don't usually do that.

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Congrats on your placings! Don't beat yourself up about "messing up" in SJ, it's a good learning experience.

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Thank you :)

yeahp, just frustrating because the last 2 shows I've taken him to I've screwed up at... and the other 2 we've done really well. 4th place in my first eventing show ever, then a win and a 3rd place at a showjumping show, so I know I can do better.
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