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Show today. So happy. *lots of pics*

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It was so worth only having 4 hours sleep! :lol:
We got there just over an hour before hand, pony
(thats her name) was a bit jumpy but was alright after 10 or so minutes on the lunge. She is reg. arab pony, APSB, part welsh and saddle pony. However the show didnt have classes for apsb.
Here's what we got:

(these are all led btw)
-1st Partbred welsh mare over 13hh
then reserve champion Partbred welsh
- 2nd Saddle pony, mare/filly over 13hh
then Reserve champion Saddle pony
- 1st Arab pony mare/filly
then Champion arabian pony.
(we went in for supreme arabian, but obviously she cant compete with a full blood arab lol)

And pics!!

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Congrats. She is absolutely adorable. I love that face. What exactly does her brand mean? I know that in other countries, they tend to brand their horses, a lot more than we do in the US. I know a warmblood imported from I believe Germany, and he had brands the we were told basically tell the date he was born, and what pasture, and something else along with the breed brand itself. And I've always been curious about brands. Here we generally only do freeze brands on BLM Mustangs, brands on western ranch horses, warmblood brands, and lip tattoo's on race horses.
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