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Could we look into adding a section like that?

I feel totally segregated now that I'm a non-rider and want to see if I can push my weight around and re-arrange some stuff.

I now see(now that I can't ride) that driving is in a totally different area than the rest of the disciplines. Would it make more sense to put all disciplines in one area? that would mean moving driving to the "riding" section.

Maybe rename the "riding" section to "Disciplines"? then add showmanship in there. It seems it's a topic that isn't discussed as much as it could and I'm sure if it were to be added, a lot of great topics would be coming out. Would make it easier to for adding posts specific to driving or even showmanship instead of finding them all over the forum(breed section, or horse talk).

Yea? No? pleaaaase *GRINS*
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Glad to see a few other people would have good use to the section. Hopefully Mike has a chance to look into it and see if it could be an option. Thank you for the support everyone.
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