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so excited!

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So, this Saturday I'm finally going to have Ice seen by a trainer!

I've had her come out to do the evaluation and she gave me some stuff to work on a few weeks ago, and then she left on vacation to get married/honeymoon in Detroit. She is reasonably priced, has lots of experience with OTTB's, and although she doesn't ride Western, I can't wait to see Ice looking like a professional in some English tack xD. She normally trains h/j/eq horses, but I figure she'll be just fine for schooling him in the basics, and I can take more discipline-oriented lessons later on if I feel like it. My mother and I are splitting the cost of training 50/50 for a month, and maybe if I can get some overhead money, I can invest in an extra month where I take lessons on him.

Here's a random video of me working with his lazy feet in the round pen. He really liked coming out of the jump at a canter, and then shortly before going over the pole again, he'd scale back to a trot. I know he's not in the best form, but I still happen to think he looks gorgeous. On a side note, I think his hock movement is looking a little better, but I don't know if its the less frigid weather, or the joint supplements.