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So many problems...

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I really can't believe the number of small injuries/issues Jazz has had since I got him on December 17th.

The first thing was a little cut on his face, which was simple, and easy to just rinse off and put a little Fura-Zone on.

The next thing was that he escaped from his stall while someone was cleaning it, and while doing so, he scraped a 2" diameter cut on each hip. Those were not fun to treat, and took a long time to heal, since they were on his hips, and were being essentially reopened with each step - they are finally closed over, and beginning to regrow the hair.

After that, we had our farrier clinic in the middle of January, where I found out that he had thrush in all four feet. Last week I thought I had beat it and left it alone for a few days (still cleaning the feet and keeping them dry), but yesterday it was back in full force, so that war is still ongoing.

Shortly after that farrier clinic (during which they shod him level from being low in the left shoulder), I noticed that a small bump would show up on his back after I rode him. I believe that something about raising that left shoulder caused his saddle (which was already questionable in fit) to REALLY not fit. So I didn't ride him for a week after that, until someone from the stable let me borrow their saddle, which fits him much better.

And finally, last week one of his pasturemates kicked him, and scraped a huge cut into his front right leg. Luckily, he's been sound the whole time, and that is scabbed over, and will hopefully heal up soon.

I know this doesn't really seem like a lot, but over the past few weeks it has seemed like it was one thing after another! I guess I should have known that the first 5-6 weeks that a horse is at a new facility is when he is most likely to injure himself, but I wasn't really prepared for it to be so often!
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When my gelding was younger he ALWAYS and I do mean always had a scrape, nick or scratch on him. He even managed to strain a muscle on the front of his leg and had to be hand walked for two weeks. I never thought he would look like a normal horse but when he turned 5 it stopped. I don't know if he became more careful or what but not much has happened to him in the past couple years.
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