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So sad people do things like this-Hope they are found.

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I doubt There was deceit on the part of Andrea Fappani, as he is an International super star in reining.
He was riding customer horses, not his own, and most venues of this caliber have security guards, so if anything, the managers of the facilities were at fault,as there should have been a night watchman
Far as showing a horse with a slight temp, that would have been the joint decision of the vet and owner,and perhaps also the trainer.
A slight temp can result just from stress, and thus it can be a judgement call whether to still show a horse .
I would imagine, since the horses targeted were all being shown by Fappani,somebody had a personal grudge against him
I don't know of anyone that hauls their own security cameras around to show venues
Far as those owners, they are usually never seen near the barn itself, but are in the stands the next day to see their horse's run, or might not even be at the show, but back at home, managing whatever business that allows them to play at this level
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I cannot believe they would try to show a horse with fever. It should have been quarantined , not taken into a show pen,
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Not true

Many TBs are also run on days they are a bit off
These horses all have max immunizations, thus a slight temp is often just the result of stress, even just having been worked on a hot day in warm up
If every horse at every venue was pulled, having a slight temp, being a bit 'off', there would be a lot less horses being shown at this level.

It costs big bucks to get a horse trained to this level, then add entry fees, ect. Thus, many owners are un willing to pull a horse that has just a slight temp, and if the vet agrees,the horse gets shown
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