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Some extra items Ive found

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Here is what I found:

1. Foal halter (never used) from Big D
Looks nicer then the ad. Its nothing fancy. This was my spare that my baby never needed.

2. Dover Plaid 76 sheet. Never on a horse. Still in original bag, I just opened the bag to check it out when I got it. Says can be for t/o but Im not sure if its waterproof. Blackwatch color.

3. Two horse sized fly mask, used, green and blue. One is missing the bottom velcrow. Needs to be cleaned off. There is some lint on them, as they were stored next to the dryer vent. I believe they are riders international.

4. 5 inch jp korsteel "full cheek thick hollow s" BNWT. Second bit on the page
No idea why I have a 5 inch. I dont own a horse who is that size!

5. Nylon Black horse sized breast collar. lll get measurements if you want.

6. Intec Horse Gear- hunter green lycra body sleezy, has electic at tail and under belly. It has a piece from the chest that hooks to the belly circingle but it came off, and I cant find it. My mare didnt need it so I didnt replace it. No size tag. Fit my mare about 73-75 blanket. lll get measurements if you want. Cant find it online. Used for one winter, cleaned then kept in my trunk.

7. Silver plastic dressage saddle cover. It was for a synthetic saddle I have. Itsjust is a little too short for the flaps on my 18". Its probably better suited for a c/c or a/p, with shorter flaps.

8. White nylon leg straps (nonelastic) great spares. Never used, adjustable.

9. Devon-Aire blue suede chaps. They're about 8-9 years old. Well cared for. Size small. They fit me well, Im a 5-7 in juniors pants. lll get measurements if you want. Most likely a slim fit.

10. Various halter fuzzies, not sure if they were used. Synthetic, yellowish tan color. Two short (cheeks) one long (crown?)

Will have pictures ASAP.

Make me an offer. Im not sure what I can get for everything, so all offers are considered. These items will be listed on craigslist as well, when I get pcitures.
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What are you asking for the sheet, and is there a chance you will be at the Pa horse expo next weekend in Harrisburg? Also, would you be looking for anything in a trade?
Silly, I've got a few things, but not tons. I just desperately need a sheet. I've got 2 pairs of brand new pull on bell boots, Large sized Davis sparkly purple splint boots, set of 4 standing wraps in red, brand new unopened set of 4 pillow wraps, a few different brand new half chaps, a gel pad, and a purple fly veil. I know it's not much, but if you're interested in any of it, please please please let me know. I will be at the expo all weekend. We should get together!
I'm gonna have to pass on the sheet. :-( I really need to find something waterproof. My girl isn't smart enough to get out of the rain and the snow. I will see you Sunday!
I'm just going to look and spend time with friends. Still trying to recover from the drama of the past week. I'll still text ya when I get there if you'd like
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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