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Just got these pictures from a friend. She took the first one a few months ago and neglected to send it to me. The rest are from ages ago that I never posted. (Some of the pics off of my flickr account, stating it to satisfy their policy.)

I think it's cute. :]

My two best friends! Casi, and Zeus, of course.

She was hugging him, and suddenly he decided something else was very interesting. Dunno why it's so small...

Zeus and my friend. He kinda looks like an alien, ha ha.

Looking cute.


This one's super old. Like, only had him for a few months here.

I'm sure I've posted this one before but I love it.

And these last ones are from a few weeks after I got him. So super duper old.

Other way!

He's put on a lot of muscle and weight since these...

I love his sweet face. :]

And last but not least. Looking like a bobble-head, ha ha. <3

That's it!
Glad I dug these up.
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