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Some random pics of my horse Rocket and others

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Thought I'd share a few photos so you could put a face with a name. This 1st pic is of me and my friend Renee. I'm on the Chestnut (Rocket) and she is on her mare Mandy an appaloosa. Rocket is a QH gelding.

This is Rock with my husbands hat. He is quite the character. It was about -20 and he was kissing my husband for sharing his hat! LOL

Last but not least this is Renee w/ Prophet (appy) me and Rock, and my daughter on our Appendix QH El Nino's Verse. Nino for short. We have since rehomed Nino and are looking for another project. (Long story, I'll explain someplace else.)

Many more pics to share, thanks for looking. :)
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In the last picture where are you at?
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :) I love the one with the hat, ha ha.
^^ I agree, I love the one with the hat! very nice pics
Thanks! In the last pic we were riding on the power lines by the barn. You can ride pretty much everywhere on the power lines up here. They go for miles and you will eventually come out someplace lol
Rocket is so very handsome! That second pic is adorable!
Rocket is adorable :)
Thanks guys! I love my horse. I got him when he was 3 from my neighbor. Her mother got him for her when Rocket was a yearling. They really didn't know much about horses and treated him like a pet. By the time he hit 3 he was literally walking all over them and they couldn't handle him anymore. Sooooo, they asked me if I wanted him. Lucky me! He has turned into my soul mate! We clicked and now at 8 years old he is the best horse you could ask for! I didn't ride him til he was 4, just spent a lot of time on ground work and gaining trust. I truly believe he would go through fire for me. He is my man! LOL
What barn do you ride at?
We keep our horse (hopefully horses soon!) at my friend Renee's house. She lives on about 25 acres and her and I (especially her) lol take in a lot of rescues and rehab them. At this time she has 3 saddlebreds, 2 appaloosas, 1 Paso Fino, 1 Mini, and Daisy who is ???? arabian/pony?????? we aren't sure. All we know is that she is 40 something and still going strong. She has cushings, and is retired from riding, but she sure is a great lawn ornament. lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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