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Hi there-
I don't have any past experience with splints as all of my past horses never had an issue with them. I got a chestnut TB mare, 16.2 hands in november. she just turned 6, and is in training to be a hunter.
she was checked by a vet before purchase, but we didn't radiograph. he pointed out small splints in the medial interior of both her front legs but they where VERY small and not an issue with the flexions.
she did race up until the age of 4 - and started 17 times.

she is heavenly under saddle, super quite, never spooks, extremely scopey over fences, but i do not jump her higher than 2' - 2'3" once a week as i had a horse a few years ago that came to me with OCD, receive surgery, and permanently go lame, and i know how important it is to go slow with babies.

my paddocks are immaculate, and she is turned out with my 30 year old ex-pony jumper whom she bosses around all day.
she is extremely sensitive, though - when she rolls she sometimes gets "bed sores" on her ankles and that causes swelling, or will nick herself and have a tiny scratch and go off a bit for a day or two.

basically, she is your classic, sensitive, chestnut thoroughbred mare. :-|

she is shod 4 around, with leather pads in the front due to having poor quality feet.

she came in from the paddock about a month ago with a gash across the inside of her cannon bone - right over the right side splint.

the cut was deep, and the vet came out to check it out, and said to just wrap it, etc and keep it clean.
it was quite swollen.

the cut healed completely in about 2 weeks, and finally some of the swelling tightened down.

now her splint appears to have been "jostled" (maybe?) a bit back towards the tendons more.
the vet said to keep an eye on it.

she is fine under saddle maybe 60% of the time - we are just flatting for the time being. she often starts out a little sore and then works out.
this is concerning for very apparent reasons.

i plan on giving the vet a ring today and asking some questions/seeing what she thinks but she is one of those vets who enjoys x-raying everything - and although i want the best for my horses it is very difficult in these tight economic times to write another check for $600. :-(

i wanted to try these boots:
Norfields Magnetic Shin/ Tendon Wrap from SmartPak Equine

any ideas? suggestions?

thanks! and sorry for the life story.

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As far as I know the only thing to do for a really old splint is just to watch and observe. If its moved back on the tendon that would definitely call for an xray...I hope it wouldn't have to be surgically removed. I've never heard of one moving like that. In the meantime I would rub plenty of liniment on it before and after a ride to keep circulation going.

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Hi there epic...
Being raised around race horses all my life i have seen and heard lots about splints..
Please try if you can to find out what the radiographs (x-rays ) have to show.
I would give the horse rest if there is swelling...handwalking to keep cirrculation.
Any horse that ever had splint issues always was rested for a period of 2-12 weeks. you just would not want to have it progress to something worse off.
Maybe you could try some rest and see how that goes before having to spen the money for the x-ray...
i know what you mean about the expense...When my OTTB (he did not start because I raised a huge fuss) but he was days away from racing and showed lame....
not sure what the reason to pull him was but when he was better I screamed and cried not to send him back...long story
Any how he sat for 5 years with aluminum shoes and pads at the breeding farm and i was injued and could not ride...He arrived at the end of this may with foot issues. I could not even get a shoer to take the stupid shoes off with out them requesting x-rays...Big Barn everyone promotes one another...
I did spen the money for X-rays and an US and now feel more confifdent that I understand how to proceed....
I hope that your mare will get better with time...I would not jump at all if this was an issue for my period is good....
Does not mean you can't do anything, but be very careful not to overdue...
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