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Stallion suggests?

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Hey! So I’m breeding my American warmblood mare, who has done amazingly well in dressage, eventing and hunters, trick training, and worked very well as a pony club mount. My vet is definitely excited about breeding her too lol. Super sound and smart mare around 16.2 and has nice conformation. I am just completely overwhelmed with all the nice studs out there… there’s hundreds! I’m looking to keep the foal as my next riding horse (Even if something goes wrong and the foal can’t ever be ridden I’m keeping it)… honestly I don’t care about breed at all. Hunter type Qh, tb, any type of warmblood, Arabian cross ect… the only breeds I’m saying no too completely are Friesians and Lusitanos as they are known to have health issues and I don’t want to pass that on. I’m looking for something athletic and on the taller side so 16+. something that’s nice to work with and had good personality of course. I don’t care about the color. I’m obsessed with all colors and patterns, but high leg markings are always a bonus for me of course not needed though haha. I have a few studs in mind right now, but wanted to get other peoples opinion. Im looking to spend anything under $2000 on stud fee. Just wondering if anyone had any stallions they love. Thanks!
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She's said earlier in the thread that it was TB crossed on a Clyde x warmblood (?). She did not say if this was a draft cross (indicated by lowercase w) or a true Warmblood (uppercase W). So 1/2 TB, 1/4 Clyde and 1/4 warmblood.
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