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Will Boo's foal be

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Starting Boo's Countdown To Foaling

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Boo was covered April 16, 18, 20, 2022. Checked in foal May 6, 2022. So day 340 is March 26, 2023 and she's now 296 days in foal. In all the years I've had her, she's gone 340 days exactly and laid down and presented us with a lovely, healthy foal.

She's so big and has such a HUGE amount of room to carry her foal that she never really shows or looks pregnant until she starts getting pretty close to foaling. Tonight I noticed when I went out to feed and blanket that she's actually getting round in her belly and starting to show. At least, she is to ME. I think if you didn't know her, you probably wouldn't notice. I did notice that when I went to do up her belly band on her blanket that the straps don't wrap around as far as they usually do. I gave her belly a pat and told her, "Boo, you're amazing. You're about to foal out here, in a MINUTE and you're just barely starting to show!". She just kind of looked at me like, "Yeah and it's all your fault!". And went right back to hoovering up her dinner. Silly mare!
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