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Stifle issues

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My draft cross mare has been having issues with her stifle. The Vet will be out to assess her sometime this week.
She lies down, then cannot get up. This is not an everyday issue. Its an every so often one. She is a heavy horse and tires herself out easily ,plus being heavy then I think her legs get numb as she lies flat out, and always has.
She is 22 now, just a big pet. It is getting harder and harder to flip her so she can get up .

What does any one do for their horses with stifle issues ?
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1. Cold hose the leg 2X/day if you’re not freezing to death where you live.

2. Neither the lameness vet nor the sports medicine vet will inject either of my horses who are 27 & coming 29. However, Injecting Adequan or some such steroid is popular, it may be something to ask your vet about.

3. You can buy a good cooling liniment and apply one or two tImes daily but also remember to do the good leg which is now compensating for the bad leg and won’t be good for very long if left unattended.

I love Sore-No-More liquid gel. Vetericyn also has a liniment that Duncan likes. There are others to look into.

4. Lastly, you’ll hate me for this BUT if you can see your way to spending $253 on this red light therapy pad, it will be your best friend for not only the horse but the dogs and yourself. I use mine on myself every single morning.

It comes standard with an electric cord. A battery pack is an additional $150.

It is made just outside Nashville , TN and customer service is great. I had my first light pad 16 years until I got careless and dropped it in a bucket of water. I called the company and they had a new to me within 48 hours and even gave me a discount. The new one has a built in timer.

If there is one thing to splurge on regarding horse care, it’s this light pad:)

6. Hopefully she is good about hoof trims as that is also important to keep as balanced as possible. If she has trouble standing due to pain for the farrier, a Previcox or Ace 20 minutes before the farrier starts on her will help.

I will also vet wrap Duncan’s leg from above the hock all the way down (leaving the hock portion unwrapped) until I use up an entire roll of vet wrap. It gives some extra support to the bad leg while the farrier is working on the opposite leg.

7. Exercise at Liberty. I am fortunate to have 19 acres of hills, so both horses are moving all day. They get locked into +/-4 acres by the barn at night, which allows them to go in the barn and still get plenty of “free” exercise.

If you can at least give her a walk way that‘s 100 feet long she will be able to move around.

8. I have both horses (both have stifle issues to different degrees) on Lubrisyn HA. It does seem to help lubricate the joints and there are studies behind it.

There are also studies behind Cosequin ASU+ which also seems to help Duncan.

To reiterate the vets in my area do injections but both of the specialty vets flat out refuse to inject either of my seniors. Injections may be something to discuss with your vet. They may work until they don’t and they aren’t cheap.

I advocate big time for the red light therapy pad- the 6” x 9” works just fine:):)

I hope this is some help:)
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@walkinthewalk. Well , it looks like we will be having her put down early next week. She is refusing to eat any meds. She is wobbly again when she is walking. She did lie down and get up by herself, but she is wobbly . She is a big horse and if she is wobbly then we wont be able to get her feet trimmed. Vet said that this is usually what happens to the draft horses, the legs give out on them, just do to their size and weight. She improved some but regresses quickly. Hubby will meet the Vet. I am not .
I am so very sorry 😢😢. Hugs to you——-
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