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Stress on a Vaulting Horse? (lunging)

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My vaulting team needs a new horse. We are using a pony but need a large horse. I have volunteered my horse since he has a TON of lift, is extremely calm, and is larger (16.1hh). He is getting over a muscle injury that pretty much ended us eventing but I cant bring myself to sell him. My instructor and I talked about it and thought letting him be a vaulting, drill team, and dressage horse from now on is the best idea. But today I have seen a lot of things online that vaulting is really bad for the horses and it hurts there back and legs. Is it true? Please help!
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I would assume that there are risks, but ones that can be managed. For instance, you can control how often and long they are on the lunge line, and cross-train with dressage to help strengthen without the wear and tear of the circle. Cross-training with trails or other "outside" activities might be another idea.
I suppose I would worry if the horse was going to be on the line for an hour every day.. But again, you can dictate how often. Is the pony you're using now showing signs of wear and tear from overuse?
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No, the pony we use just likes to stop, take off, once and a wile buck, that stuff. She is actually in really good shape. We only vault once a week or every other week for 1 hour plus shows that are like 3ish a year.
Sorry, but no way would I let my already injured horse do something like this, even if vet says horse is all better.

If he gets injured again, or worse this time? Who is expected to pay for vet care?

Too many people, too many things could happen to him.
I don't know a huge amount about vaulting, but since you don't seem to be working a ton, I don't see why not...
He wouldn't be used until he is all the way better. And I am on the team so I would see everything that happens with him.
If he's getting over a muscle injury there's nothing saying he will 'completely' heal without some sort of lasting damage especially with vaulting stress in the mix. It screams BAD IDEA to me.
Injuries happen. And the truth is, sometimes our horses heal 100%. So with that being said, I'm going to give my advice with the idea that you're horse is on the way to being 100% better... just maybe not 100% better for jumping/eventing.

The truth is a vaulting horse is an incredible athlete. Most people that don't know the sport, tend to think that all they ever do with these horses is lunge them in circles. Which isn't the case. These horses have some of the best dressage training that money can buy. They have to have stamina, they must be balanced at every gait, and on every lead.
I think it's a great idea to keep your horse active and in work. Only you [as the owner] will know if your horse is fit enough for this type of work. But i personally think it's a great idea.
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Ok thanks! Why wouldn't he heal? All he did was pull a muscle. Were having the chiropractor come out Wednesday to fix what has gotten out of line from him compensating for his muscle hurting. I know he will never be an eventer but we are supposed to show at a dressage show Aug 26th and Sept 16-17th and that is what he loves anyway. A lady is having me ride her horse (who is an awesome jumper and awesome everything!) since she has three other horses and not enough time. So I wont be pushing him in anything but would walk trot in like 2 months on a lunge be fine?
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