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I was recently posting and searching on another forum and noticed how much easier it is to shop around on there since the classifieds (okay, that's pretty much the whole site) are subdivided a lot more than they are on here. Maybe "Tack and Equipment" classified could be divided up into sub-forums like: English saddles, Western saddles, barn equipment, rider apparel, etc. Also, there could be a sub-forum for "all the time" type classifieds - like ads for people that make browbands, bareback pads or offer training services.

I posted some stuff for sale a couple of days ago and there were so many postings in our classifieds that it was on the second page (aka less noticable) within a few hours. Dividing it up would help this a lot (and decrease the need to "bump" postings so often).

Just a thought.
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I agree up to a point with Alwaysbehind, that having too many sub forums can get confusing. As for dividing the classified into so many subs, it's not a good idea for several reasons.

First is that our classified is really a courtesy. We are a discussion forum not a sale forum.

Secondly, if a member has multiple items to sell, they would have to make a new thread for each type of item. That can be a nuisance.

On the positive side, a sub for Western and English could be a benefit.
*Another question about sub forums(sorry not trying to hijack). Nothing against English riders at all, but why are there so many English discipline forums? Don't those three just fit into "english"?
The English disciplines are very specific as to training technique, rider's position, typical problems, etc. as are Western disciplines such as Reining, Cutting, Barrel Racing, etc..

As we see that a good number of members want to discuss their discipline without having to sort through threads that have been lumped together under a general heading, then a subforum is created. To date, we don't have enough Cutters, Reiners, or Penners to warrant a specific forum for them but the option is always open.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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