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I was recently posting and searching on another forum and noticed how much easier it is to shop around on there since the classifieds (okay, that's pretty much the whole site) are subdivided a lot more than they are on here. Maybe "Tack and Equipment" classified could be divided up into sub-forums like: English saddles, Western saddles, barn equipment, rider apparel, etc. Also, there could be a sub-forum for "all the time" type classifieds - like ads for people that make browbands, bareback pads or offer training services.

I posted some stuff for sale a couple of days ago and there were so many postings in our classifieds that it was on the second page (aka less noticable) within a few hours. Dividing it up would help this a lot (and decrease the need to "bump" postings so often).

Just a thought.
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So several people have said that there are "too many sub-forums", I guess I just don't seen why having a lot of sub-forums is a problem. To me it is much more convenient to just ignore an entire sub-forum that doesn't relate to me rather than to sort through a much more general topic, clicking on every post, to find what I do or do not want to read.

As far as the classifieds being a courtesy - how much of a courtesy is it if it isn't user friendly? If you are looking to buy a used dressage saddle and you first have to click on 15 ads that have everything but a dressage saddle in them, it's a real pain. It also makes it hard for the sellers. Again, how much of a courtesy is it if nothing ever sells because it is so poorly organized?

One thing that would help is if people put what they are selling in the title of their post - "Lots of stuff for sale" doesn't help me know if I need to bother looking at that post or not. "2 Dressage Saddles and Paddock Boots" or something like that is much more helpful. Is there a way to have a little "suggestions" box come up when people post to the classifieds that would remind them of that?
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