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supplements and what to put them on...

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So I'm thinking about maybe starting Lacey on some sort of joint supplement solely because of her age but I'm not sure what I should get... I know absolutely nothing about supplements so if someone could enlighten me and give me a basic run down on what I NEED to know, that'd be great!
I'm thinking probably something with glucosamine in it, but do they even put that in horse supplements?
She doesn't have any "off-ness" currently, her hind legs are slightly stiff but she's never lame. So basically, I'd like something to help her stay comfortable and possibly take care of any aches she has that I don't know about...

And then, what should I put it on? She may be prone to laminitis (her hooves say she is) so I don't want something sugary but then she's also a pretty easy keeper in the summer so I don't want something that could make her gain more weight... She's not picky at all, if it looks like food, it will be eaten!

Maybe some kind of senior feed? I know nothing about these things as well....

My plan is to only give her enough grain or whatever to make the supplement not super noticeable, will I need a ration balancer too?

Maybe there's some kind of pellet with glucosamine in it and all that good stuff?
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Some kind of joint supplement, and a probiotic for her digestion would be ideal. Unless you think she needs something else (like a hoof supplement). The probiotics will definitely help her digestion, she might gain a little bit of weight but nothing drastic.

I use this, it has H/A, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM. The 1 month supply is free shipping, which is nice. The bad thing is I can only find it online. Flex-Force with HA Corta-Flx (Equine - Horse Supplements - Joint - Powdered/Pellet)

And then for probiotics (when I used them) I used the Manna Pro Opti-zyme. If you use 1 oz a day, it lasts like two and a half months, and you can pretty much find it anywhere.

Opti-Zyme Manna Pro (Equine - Horse Supplements - Digestive - Probiotics)
I just put my boys on the Dumor Senior Combo supplement. Its for Joint, Hoof, coat, and Digestions. I havent been using it but a week, so no OBVIOUS signs, but the boys seem to like it. It actually smells really good, so I think it pretty palatable.

Dumor Senior Combo Equine Supplement, 8 lb. - 5141681 | Tractor Supply Company
I have a fatty that gets joint supplements and remission I just use a cup of alfalfa pellets to mix them :) I also have her on a ration balancer for the nutrition need with her hay ... but with just hte ration balancer she won't eat her other stuff.
You've been introduced to my new mare already so you know she is older. She gets free choice hay and Purina Senior Horse feed (I highly recommend this feed! It's not sugary and won't make her hot). She also needs joint supplements. She gets one scoop of For-A-Flex 4-in-1 once a day. It is all the viatmins and minerals she'll need plus coat, hoof and joint supplements (with glucosamine and chondroitin!). AND it's not super expensive either. :D

For-A-Flex 4-in-1 with Sel-Plex -
Wallaby, contact Smartpak Equine and talk to a Consultant 1 on 1 over the phone. Explain/describe everything to her/him about your horse and they will get you started as to what to look at, and point you in the right direction.

The Consultants are very educated about the products that they sell and will not mislead you just to make a sale, that isn't their directive - their directive is to help you give your horse the best care possible through what is on the market today.

Their number is:


Call them tomorrow in the morning and let them help you. They are great! I have Nelson on a monthly renewal suppliment - he's on 5 of their products and I'm very happy with their knowledge, education and support.

All the best :)
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