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Swollen hock- any advice?

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Hey all,
My TB came up with a swollen back right leg last Monday. I didn't call a vet out, as he had the same thing back in April and it cost me $$$$$ just to be given bute as a final result of all the X-rays and checks.
The vet gave me 4 days worth of bute on Monday and that brought down all the swelling, aside from his hock, which still looks swollen. There is a little bit of heat in it but he is showing very little lameness and have been told he was still running around fine last night.

The vet X rayed him last time and suspected it was the start of arthritis- he is an ex racehorse so I'm not surprised (he is only 8 years old though) . What can I give him to bring that swelling down and treat it effectively? What supplement do all you horsey folk use (keep in mind I live in Australia) to assist with this.
I love my darling to bits but we only have 1 vet clinic in town that treat horses, so the bills are criminal. Even just a consult is outrageously priced

**** I will try and add a photo tomorrow when I see him. I didn't have my phone on me this afternoon***
Thanks in advance
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Pretty impossible to tell what's going on over the internet.

He could have a capped hock (from hitting his hock on something).

He could have arthritis .... although if he showing fluid on the hock from arthritis, then it's going to be pretty significant arthritis (and not just the "start").

But you are saying his whole leg is swollen too? But since the bute, only the hock is still swollen?

Have you been icing or cold hosing the leg? (You said heat is present.)

Kind of depends what's wrong with the hock. Sometimes confinement is best (if they strained something, you don't want them straining it further) but sometimes turnout and movement is good to keep the swelling under control. If you are not sure what you are dealing with, it's hard to come up with a treatment plan.
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