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my horse has developed filled up/swollen udders over the last few months filled with milk/fluids. 1 side more than the other.. I started to notice it about when I cleaned out her gunk during a bath over the summer. She just turned 20 this year and has never foaled. I had 2 different vets out to take a look and still don’t have a definitive answer. The vet did not seem very concerned about it though, she just said to drain it as it might fill up and to keep an eye on it. She mentioned it might be the heat of summer. Blood work came back fine, no cushings, lime, and culture on the fluids from her udders were all good.

I am draining it out about once a week and I can tell she appreciates it. I’ve also noticed she has been very itchy lately.. a lot more than usual, especially on her rump area and in between her udders. I can’t tell if the itching on her rump is from the udders or maybe it’s from something else. I don’t see any fungal or dry spots on her skin to distinguish where the itch is coming from. She is also itchy on her neck and back as well but not as much as her rump.

I moved her to a new farm about a year ago and this was her first summer here, I’m wondering if maybe there is something she is allergic to that’s causing the itch.

I did a fecal about 3 months ago that came back fine. I’m de worming her with Quest plus this month but she isn’t really showing any other signs that it could be a parasitic problem.

I’ve also been giving her baths with medicated shampoo in case it is something fungal but it hasn’t seemed to help.

Wondering if anyone has an opinion or dealt with a never foaled mare that has developed filled udders? Or maybe some insight to all the itching! I want to give my poor girl some relief.
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