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I just found it a LOT easier to do it with way. I went and made a spiffy site for all my stuff, and I hope I got everything. I'm out of a camera until the 20th, so the pictures of some bits I had to take with my webcam. I'll get pictures, GOOD pictures of everything else once my mom gets back with the camera. :]

All pictures can be found at the link above. Figured I'd also add the list here so you didn't have to search for nothing. :]

Black Nylon Headstall/split reins - $20
-Cob (Bit not included)

70" Hot Pink 'Rain' Sheet. - $45
-NOT Waterproof. Closed front. Accidentally dried it. Wasn't thinking, and it shrunk. That's why the tag says 74". Used Once. Washed and.. Oops. Dried

Red/black Rope halter -$10
-Used with attached lead
Blue Weaver Halter - $8
-Used Cob sized
Black Halter - $5
-Used Yearling
Red halter - $8
-Medium horse sized used

Baby Pink Bell Boots - $20
-Size Small tried on once
Baby Pink Sport Boots - $50
-Size Small tried on once

Saddle Pads:
r/w/b Navajo Style Print - $5
-Will definitely clean before shipping. Was used as a barn cat bed on the hay. No urine. just hay.

16" Weaver Saddle - $200
-Brown Synthetic with leather accents horn/fork FQHB Brand New condition except for a small scratch on the fender. Comes with Cinch, Latigo, and Off billet
17" Wintec Saddle - $220
-Black Equileather/Synthetic Semi QHB Used only a few times. Cinch not included. Comes with Latigo and Off billet

5" Non-slotted Kimberwicke - $10
-Used will clean before shipping.
4" Pony Bit - $5 or free with another purchase
-Grazing/Training type bit. Could go with the Black Nylon headstall (As orginally pictured)
5" Metalab Bit - $10
-Tomthumb-like Bit. Says Partrade on the other side

I'm willing to trade for some items, and some items I'm looking for are:
Lime Green Medium Sport/SMB type boots.
Lime Green Medium Bell Boots.
Lime Green Nylon Headstall, Reins, and Breastcollar (Preferably just that. No print, etc)
Black 17" Western saddle 7" Gullet, Semi or Full QH bars Rounded Skirt/Barrel Type (Prefer Synthetic and Name brands, but I'm a bit desperate)
Thick shock absorbing pad. Preferably Lime Green or black
5" Dee ring French link Snaffle. Prefer JP Korsteel, or something like it
5" Myler Bit Low Port Comfort Snaffle (Or anything like it)
5.5" Loose ring French link Snaffle. Prefer JP Korsteel, or something like it.
Will add more to this list as I think of it.

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would you trade the r/w/b pad for my lime boots? and the kimberwicke? and you pay shipping on those and i'll pay shipping on mine
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