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I'm Posting This For a Friend. Money Orders Only Please. Buyer Pays Shipping.
All Pictures Can Be Found Here
Kates tack pictures by wlukes - Photobucket

Horse sized halters. $7 each

O-ring bit. Sweet mouth. $7

Western bit. Never used. $4

Black Pro-Choice Tail wrap. Might have used once a few years ago. $15

Black and Red braid-in tube tail protector. I believe it was 35 inches (horse chewed on it LOL) Pony-size. $6

Black velvet-like helmet cover. $7

Black carry bag. Zipper on top, folds over, extra pockets. Long over-the shoulder strap. Good for grooming things or English saddle pads. $10

Pro-Choice Carry bag. Large for shipping boots, combo boots, or any other gear you might have. $10

Flame MINI blanket. Used for mini horses kept in stalls. Home-made and can be altered to fit your horse. $20

One maroon and one white English pad. Maroon was home-made, professional quality. White is a Dover's English Scroll pad. $20 each

Green western girth. I believe it is 34 inches. $10

Hot pink groom type tote. Pockets on the outside for hoof picks and other things. $10

Mini fly mask. $7

Braided leather reins. one side clips, the other hooks. Made by Weaver. Unused. $20

Wintec knee-roll block $2
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