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Taking on a project horse

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One of my friends, who is an intermediate rider and just starting to get into barrel racing, is looking at buying a cheap project horse to train. She just wants a horse that she can train and run on in fun days and stuff. She has one in mind but I think it is a little old and not in good shape to just be starting barrel training. The ad seems quite vague too. What are yall's opinions?
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I don't know how close your friend is to this horse, but having bought two horses in the last three years, I quickly learned to weed out candidates on the phone. Save yourself a drive over. Of course they can lie, but once they figure out you know a little bit about horses (and I REALLY mean just a little bit - I'm certainly no expert), they generally don't bother since they know you'll see the problems right away. So I try to keep them on the phone for a while... even just chatting about things that don't matter to me, just because I can find out more. I ask about health, routine, hooves, ground manners, vices, my list of questions is long! Sometimes they'll try the "buy it today or I'm selling it to someone else" tactic. Which will also cause me to walk away.

So, your friend wants a project horse to train as a barrel racer. I assume then, that he/she has a lot of experience and knowledge and can pick out a good project horse. Hopefully not someone inexperienced just looking for a cheap horse "to grow with".

I looked at the ad. Sweet horse! 400$??? Red flags all over the place. There is something very wrong here. Like I said, I would call them and ask tons of questions. If something seems to good to be true...
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Be careful of these horses sold on the internet... A lot of times owners lie or cover up the truth as to why they are selling them, and you are stuck with more of a rehab case than a project.
Yep. Also, make sure the seller has clear ownership. Find out the back story. Where did this horse come from? Why are they selling it? That will tell you a lot.
Thanks for all of the replies. I'm afraid that she is interested in him strictly because she has a soft spot for grays. I'm going to tell her to be really careful about such a cheap horse with a vague ad.
I also have a soft spot for grays, and I love the look of this guy! Reminds me of our Arab. But I'd be phoning them before driving over there and asking a ton of questions. If he was an awesome horse, they'd be asking for a lot more money, even if he only has minimal training. Doesn't hurt to contact them though. But I'd be very surprised that there isn't something very wrong here.
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