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Teddy's new "Manly" Blanket LOL (he's mad at me!)

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Okay so I really only get this blanket because it was on sale and his size.... He can be mad at me all he wants, I think he's cute hehe.

He doesn't look very happy LOL
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"How humiliating"
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"Gotta get the purple smell off"
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Evil Pony!
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I can honestly say I think he was mad at me....
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I didn't think he looked mad until the last two pictures. lol

He's too cute!
Hahaha...Timmy is done all up in purple too. He doesn't get that upset. Just sorta deals with it and moves on! Awesome blanket by the way!
He looks adorable in that blanket!
My gelding is also plagued by a series of purple blankets (unfortunately that was all I could find for the right price while I was shopping) but he doesn't look so little and cute in them! He looks big... and purple... and a lot like Barney
I love this blanket.... I wish I had more money, I would have bought Bella one too....
awwww he's precious! he has the funniest expression in that last pic. my friend's gelding has a pink halter and lead rope set...he just looks thrilled every time she puts it on
Too cute! I want that blanket in horse size, hehehe!
I want that blanket in horse size, hehehe!
Me too!!

That is adorable!
Aaaaaw what a cutie pie!!!
He is adorable! I just love that color on him! :)
OMG, that has to be the most adorable pony ever :)... I love the last pictures lol
Ony a true manly man could pull that blanket off so well, teehee
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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