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Tell me about you awkward hay storage

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So, we recently cleared land and put up fencing on our property for one horse and two goats. Unfortunately, the property is very poorly set up for horses. The land is sloping and the driveway, house, septic, well, etc were not well placed to accommodate horses, or the necessary buildings.

We're putting in a run-in shed, but no barn at this point. It's a very small plot of land (about 1 acre cleared for the animals) and it's all very hilly land.

Right now, my hay is stored in my driveway under tarps on pallets. But that cannot last forever (it looks awful and it's awkward...though it is wildly convenient for unloading!). I want to move the hay storage into the fenced off area, but I keep thinking of how difficult it will be for me to get hay down a hill to a shed.

My question is, can you tell me how you make storing and accessing hay work with an awkward set-up? Is your hay shed/barn/storage hard or impossible to access with a truck? How do you handle it? Any solutions?
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We hay a big hay barn that is easly acessed by trucks trailers. Hay is easy to get to and take out of barn for feeding.

Done tarps in past and had to much hay lost to mold so we avoid tarping hay. Hay barn is the best way to go.
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