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Texas, USA - Honey, 16.2hh approx, Belgian mare

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Honey, 16.2hh approx, Belgian mare, 6 year old

$1000 reward - For information leading to the location of this horse

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Maryland rescued Honey from starvation as a three year old. Honey was adopted from Gentle Giants by Melinda Wenner in 2011. Dr Wenner moved her to Texas without our knowledge and gave her away to Mr. Walt Macpherson without our approval. Mr. Macpherson sold Honey in 2013. Honey's last know location is somewhere in or about Lake Livingston, Texas (USA). We need to know she is safe and who now has possession of her. It is our responsibility as a nonprofit organisation to know who has care and custody of Honey.

(please note, I am just cross posting these details, any information please use the contact details above, thanks)