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Texas winter storms.

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Ugh. Typical winter storm in Texas. We have had just a touch of snow, maybe an inch or two but it is just so crappy. The wind is blowing about 40 mph with gusts higher than that and the wind chill is about 1 degree. I went outside for about 5 minutes, just long enough to snap a few pictures, and by the time I came back in, my fingers were so numb that I could not unzip my coat. My face and mouth are gritty and full of dirt and it is just an all around miserable day. Why can't we have nice snowstorms like everyone else?

This is why it doesn't accumulate, the wind carries it away.

The horses are all hiding on the south side of the barn, out of the wind.

And now they all have blankets..................of snow, that is.


Dobe, Flash, and John

Poor little Olen

Flipper and Koda

John with the wind blowing his locks

Flipper and Koda again

Nester and Tiny hiding from the wind

Denny was feeling rather good today

Dobe just wants to be left alone

And those are all the pix I was able to manage. My fingers were so cold, I could no longer push the button and had to come back in. :?
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Ahhhhh...yes...gotta love those 'desert' winds...we get those torturous winds in the area of AZ that I live as's horrible! Some nights it sounds like the windows are just going to bust in!!! Yuck! But Great pics!

My mare absolutely hates the wind...she won't venture out of her shed when it's that windy, unless she's got her 'wind gear' on (a waterproof sheet, and her fly mask)...pansy...but then, come to think of it, I'm not out much in that weather either! Lol! I'd rather take cold MN weather, than these winds!!!Lol!
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