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Mods do retire..........
And some of them retire twice!
We couldn't let her go without giving her a thread in Announcements all to herself.

Firstly - many thanks to horselovinguy and farmpony84 who contributed most of the words and the photo to this post.

In 2015 Tinyliny decided that it was her time to take a back seat here and hang up her Moderating Hat, then a series of unexpected events left the Team very short numbered and she very generously agreed to come back and help us out because we needed someone who could hit the ground running.
Thankfully for us, she decided to hang around a while but the time has now come when she feels that she needs to hang that Moderating Hat up again.

After spending numerous hours, nights, and weekends serving the Horseforum community it is with great sadness that The Horseforum Team must announce the retirement of Super Moderator Tinyliny!

Tinyliny has plans to continue on as a member of this community. She has perchased a lawn chair and a bottle of tequila so if her words seem a little jumbled please understand she is celebrating the start of a new carefree chapter of cyber life!

The horse forum team would also like to warn members to be vigilent as we were unable to pry the ruler from her grasp. She is an expert level wrist slapper and is licensed to carry so please approach with caution and remember to duck and weave.

She will be greatly missed in the backroom but we know this is not goodbye. It's hello all the way from the other side.

There are a lot of members, including me, that don't know this forum without her presence on the Team.
Her years of dedication to HorseForum have been spent striving to keep this a forum a place where members are friendly, respectful of each other, offer encouragement and even negativity is done with respect for each other.

We, the moderators and administrators of HorseForum wish her well as she enjoys a well-earned retirement from her volunteer position that took such a full-time commitment.
Enjoy your retirement tinyliny...we wish you all the best.


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