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The dust followed the quarter ton cherry red Chevy along the old Wyoming dirt road. My name is Emily. I was seventeen and it was the summer and it was my times that I could go to my dad’s ranch. As I grazed out the window a few long blonde strands of hair, which I thought were pulled back in my about twelve inch pony tail, flew around with the wind that was coming through the driver side window. As the long winding driveway reviled itself I slowed to a halt. Turning the Chevy I felt a sense of longing. The driveway was approximately two miles long plus about seven curves. Once up the driveway which felt like it passed by in a couple minutes. I finally reached the ranch house. The ranch house was two stories high. This was that house I grew up in before my parents had divorced. Once I slowed the truck to a stop in the front, I pushed the door open and climbed out. By the time my feet hit the ground my dad and his new girl friend were halfway around the hood of my new Chevy, which I had just bought with my money that I saved up over school. My dad was the first to reach me, picking me up and twirling around with his black curly hair smashing into my face. As he placed me on the ground, I was instantly grabbed by my step mom in a hug that was so hard it made my back crack. Once the whole hugging passed I got a chance to look around the ranch.
I started by putting my bags in my room, which had absolutely no change except for my floor was visible and my bed was made. I then proceeded toward outside to check out what else was new. I started at the stable barn. As I walked in the smell of horses hit me like a long lost friend. As I stepped in, all the horses stuck there heads through the stall doors. I recognized that all the stalls were filled with familiar horses except for one stall at the very end was empty. As I started to walk toward the empty stall, and as doing so petting every horse a little before heading to the next one. I finally was in front of the stall, it was the same as all the other stalls except there was no horse in it, but there was a halter hanging on a hook next to the stall, I grabbed for the worn out halter. The halter was blue and torn all over, there was writing on the side of it which read “BLAST”. As soon as the name was read questions started firing in my mind. As about the millionth one went off, I heard a horse neigh. It wasn’t loud, so it couldn’t have been from one of the horses in the barn. As I looked out into the corral at the end of the stable barn I saw a horse, head over the rail and neighing like it wanted me to come over. Seeing the horse interested me, so I proceeded toward the corral. As I arrived by the corral the horse took off as if spooked by something other than me. I turned around to see my dad come walking over.
“I see you found my newest purchase,” dad said with a slight tone of disappointment.
“Why you say it like that?” I asked unknowingly.
“His name is Blast, I bought him from the neighbor Don Cleveland he named the horse I guess he is purebred Mustang. Don said he caught him out on his land while he was checking on his cattle.”
“Why did you buy him?”
“Well, he’s Mustang, so I thought he would be good for all sorts of things around here.”
“Well, then how come you aren’t riding him around and doing all sorts of things with him?”
“At Don’s he was calm and nice, and I could pet him and everything, and ever since he has gotten here he has been a crazy wild horse that no one can get near.”
“Well, what you going to do with him?”
“If Jon can’t ride him, then I will have to sell him.”
“Who’s Jon?”
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, he is the boy from down the road you know Jerry Poope’s boy, you know him right?”
“ Oh yeah, I remember him I rode a lot last summer with him,” I said remembering that I had a huge crush on him and even sort of remembering that he had one on me too.
“Yeah well, he is staying here and is going to help me with ranch work and hopefully will break out that Mustang.”
After that all we did was stare into the corral, and all I could think of was whether he still likes me? After the silence was over, we walked over to the pasture filled with mares, and all dad could talk about was that all the foals had made it through winter. As he talked, I noticed that one foal was running around playing with another then right in the middle of their play they both stopped and touched noses, which I laughed that it looked like they were kissing. After about fifteens minutes I was sick of listening to dad talk about the foals so I started to walk toward the house.

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As we arrived in the house, dad and I sat down right away at the table. After a couple minutes passed I heard my step-mom yell up the stairs, “Supper’s ready, Jon.” It was right after my step-mom finished saying that we could heard the footsteps of someone up-stairs heading for the stairs. Finally the foot steps hit the stairs. The sound of the stairs were familiar seeing as I would try to sneak down them in the morning and have almost every noise from each step memorized. Just as Jon arrived at the last step I could barley see him seeing as the light was dimed over by the stairs. After that I forgot the whole deal and started to pour myself a glass of nice cool milk. I poured the milk in the crystal glass shimmered against the light. After taking a drink out of the milk still holding the glass, I looked up and saw that Jon had stepped out of the dark and was now in full view. The crystal glass broke into a thousand little pieces, as I dropped it.
As my step-mom proceeded to clean the glass up, I apologized a million times and then finally looked up to see what had caused me to drop the glass. Just as I looked for him he stepped from the shadows from where his face had looked cold and lonesome. But now in the light his face had a look weathered but something was standing out, just then I noticed what it was. His blue crystal blue eyes stood out the most out of everything. The blue looked as if it was two pools of blue surrounded by pure white sand. Not noticing that I was staring I looked down at my plate instantly after noticing that he was looking right back at me. Jon made his way around the table and had a seat next to me. Dinner was served and my dad and step-mom asked questions to both me and Jon.
Finally dinner was over, and I made my way into the kitchen. I had the dishes almost done when my step mom walked in, I told her to go take it easy I can finish them. So she walked into the front porch were my dad was sitting. Finally the dishes were washed, and I proceeded to put them away. I grabbed the knife off the counter and walked over to put it away as Jon walked in. I turned around not knowing he was there, and I jumped from the sight of him looking at me.

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“Well, how about you get off that horse and come over here and let me take you back in, besides super is almost ready.”
“Fine, I guess I will.”
I climbed down from Blast, and my legs were throbbing from my first ride of the season. Grabbing Blasts reins, I started to walk toward the gate Jon had now pulled open for me to get out. As I was in the barn ready to take Blasts saddle off, I put him in the cross ties and took the saddle and bridle off and in return I placed a halter on him. Putting Blast back into his corral, I noticed that Jon was back in the barn, getting to the barn, I walked over and picked up my saddle and bridle, and then went to the tack room to put them away. Setting my saddle up on the rack I noticed a flyer for the rodeo and on top of the paper in big bold letters it said, “WIN $500,000”. The light then went off in my head.
“Jon! I have the perfect idea!” I yelled at the thought of remembering what I could do.
“What is that, Emily?” Jon answered.
“Do you think we could train Blast to barrel race in two weeks?”
“I think we could do it.”
“Really! It would totally help dad with the bank.”
After hearing this exciting news I started to plan when and what I would do for training with Blast. I was so excited that whole night I did nothing but plan for what was to come.
The morning came and the training began. Blast started off a little like he did yesterday but after a half an hour the riding, Blast start to get the thought through his head that he was going to have to live with the fact of me riding him, and throughout that time Jon and I had started to grow closer in ways that I had not known possible with two people. After about a week blast was progressing wonderfully, he had learned his turning on the barrels really well and now I was working on his speed throughout the whole pattern. The final week was upon us and now I was starting to get nervous while working with Blast. The days grew shorter and in no time it was time for the rodeo.

“Okay, okay I am on my way just calm yourself,” I was yelling from upstairs as I had rushed into my barrel racing uniform, which consisted of a nice button up shirt, blue jeans and my boots. Running down the stairs, I burst through the door and ran toward the truck and trailer. Jon was already in the passenger seat. I shifted the truck into gear and started down the road, trying to get the truck to sound as quiet as I could seeing as I had sneaked out of the house as it is. After a couple hours down the road the silence was broke.
“Do you think Blast is ready for this?” Jon asked.
“Of course I would never have brought him,” I said, “Are you going to watch or are you going to guard the trailer?”
“Which one do you think?”
“Guard the trailer,” I said with a laugh in my voice
“No I wouldn’t miss watching you for the world.”
“Aw, you’re so sweet.” As he and I both leaned over to each other and exchanged a kiss. I couldn’t believe that in the last week Jon and I had trained a wild horse to barrel race and had become a couple that was almost inseparable.
Finally arriving at the rodeo, we got the trailer parked and unloaded Blast, saddled Blast up, and then we were ready to go. Walking up to the booth where my number was the butterflies in my stomach started to go off as if someone had just run through the grass were they where all resting. I signed my name and then got my number. Walking back to the trailer I looked up to see Jon standing in the opening of the trailer, looking right at me. Something looked somehow different about him. Just then I noticed that the sun was bouncing off his chocolate brown hair, and it was looking darker than normal. As I arrived by the trailer, I walked over to Jon. Then in the blink of an eye he had picked me up and lifted me into the trailer, where the living quarters were. As he placed me on the bed I looked up at him with a look of wondering of what was going to happen. Just in no time his body was on top of me. In that moment I knew that this was his way of saying everything will be alright no matter what happens. He then started to kiss me and there was a sense of love and passion. Just then there was a knock on the trailer door, and Jon ran toward it. As I lay on the bed waiting and hoping that it wasn’t anything major that would pull us away from each other.
“The barrel racing is starting,” Jon said with a hint of disappointment.
“Okay,” I said as I started to slip on my new nice barrel racing shirt.
I walked out of the trailer and looked right at Blast, and he knew that it was time. His head was held high, and he looked as if he was the most headstrong horse out here. I put his bridle on him, and then I climbed into the saddle. It was time I could hear the crowd roar as I walked Blast over to the alleyway toward the arena where the barrels were now set up. There were plenty of other horses around the alleyway, and I knew that we were in for the ride of our lives.
Finally after about five girls I heard my name being called, and just then I clicked my tongue and tapped my heels into Blast, and we took off. Racing out of the alley into the arena Blast had run faster than I have ever seen him run before. Turning barrel one as if he had done it a thousand times over. Next thing I knew barrel two and then three were behind us. Blasts strides started to lengthen I could tell that he knew he had to win this. Passing by the ending line I looked up quickly, and in a blink of an eye I saw the winning numbers 14.31.
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