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The Bra Trail

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Finally! I’ve been riding on the trails around Fall City, WA for a while. After I had most of the trails digitized we lost access to first Fall City and now Griffin Creek. With access to these great trails severely limited I had to think about how many people would be willing to deal with a trip down the Snoqualmie Valley trail before climbing into the trails above the SVT. I like the trails enough to do so. Besides, Tokul has the famous “Bra Trail” where countless women have left their undergarments as souvenirs!

All that being said the Tokul trails offer some great ups and downs with a surprising amount of level ground thrown in as well. For low level, and close to Seattle, adventure it’s a great place to go when there isn’t time to venture further afield.

Here’s a link to the trail map, driving directions, pics from the Bra trail, and more. Tokul West - Fall City

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I'll bet there is wonderful scenery on that trail.
You're awful XDD

However, I'm surprised I haven't heard of this legendary place before! I'm going to go suggest this to Best of America By Horseback!!! We'll see how family friendly RFD-TV is >8D
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