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The Butt

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My pride, my joy.

We just weren't doing awesome this day, so I just gave him the reins and let him do what he wanted to do... ended up winning that class, go figure.

Mom's ace photography skills. He's got a nice rear end though ;D

We can haz win.

A more fitting name would have been Joe Dirt.

More peektures to come n__n
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You have such a lovely horse!:) And his marks are very interesting moreover he has good physique and I think that he has loving family:)
Aww he looks like an awesome guy =)
You guys make a really cute pair!
I loved this picture

Great pics!! you two really do go nicely together. Good job on the win!
AHHHH! *Tackles Lacie and the Butt!* He is looking great!
Really striking boy! Good for you! Listen to your gut, and you may just win and not end up on the ground! ROTF!
AHHHH! *Tackles Lacie and the Butt!* He is looking great!
EEEEP!!!!! -is tackled- n__n HALLO. I went to UB a few weeks ago and it was dead O_O I guess the constant tech problems got the best of it?

He's mellowed a lot. Aiming him for western pleasure, and sending him to the guy I take lessons from to finish his lope. I got him close, I just haven't gotten him 'there' at the lope. I can ride him at a lope two handed all day long, but he gets a little enthusiastic when he's going one handed. Unfortunately, two hands is a no-no in the APHA/PtHA.

He was getting passed by the big shots up north, he was going so slow.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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